Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International (GAOFI)

The Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International (GAOFI) was officially incorporated under the Companies code, 1963 (Act 179) on 17th August, 2007. Mrs. Grace Amey-Obeng, a successful Medical Aesthetician and business entrepreneur ably heads the foundation.

Compelled by reasons like poverty, broken homes, spousal abuse, economic disparities, inequitable socio-economic structures, lack of education etc., GAOFI was birthed to help young girls who engage in social vices like prostitution, armed robbery, etc. in order to independently cater for their daily needs.

Our passion is also directed towards equipping young girls who are into transactional sex with employable skills to help curb some social menaces like teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, abuse etc. whilst others are sponsored through varied skills training to make them social assets in society.

GAOFI also aims to promote gender equality and empower women, support the fight against extreme hunger and poverty, and help in combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

Our Vision
Getting young people off the streets and assisting the vulnerable through skills training and empowerment

Our Accomplishments

  • Established a scholarship scheme for vulnerable girls to pursue vocational training at FC Beauty College.
  • Established a rehabilitation programme for commercial sex workers by training and providing the necessary equipment for them to set up their own businesses.
  • In collaboration with Osu Girls’ Correctional Centre, set up a training facility at the Centre to train inmates.
  • Donation of educational materials and clothing to deprived schools in the Volta Region and the Greater Accra Region.
  • GAOFI Tutsi Project has provided vocational training, mentoring, and seed money for their start-ups.

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Tutsi Exhibition

In 2016, we held an exhibition at Woe in the Keta Municipal Assembly to showcase what skills that the Tutsi Girls have able to acquire from their training.

The items on display include
* Handicrafts
* Woven items
* Basketry
* Beads

Seed Money
GAOFI gave an amount of One Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHS100.00) to each of the 10 finalists for their business start-ups. Under the supervision of their teachers, each girl was to use the money to buy raw materials for their chosen vocation.

The aim of this initiative is to introduce the beneficiary girls to business management practises for their future benefit. Proceeds generated from the sale of the items is expected to be rolled over to help other members of the clubs.

Business growth mentoring and capacity building
This is a continuous activity under the Tutsi Project. Regular interactions were done by GAOFI Project Coordinators with the young girls to impart relevant business knowledge and expertise.

This was done at the regular meetings of the Tutsi clubs in the various basic schools. Training programs and mentoring were inculcated into the Tutsi club meetings on a regular basis to help build capacities for managing such businesses and also impart valuable life skills to the young girls.

Queen Bee
Queen Bee is an off shoot project under Tutsi to further enhance the welfare of the rural school girl.

Under this project, mothers of young girls and other women were selected and given mentorship for their socio-economic well-being. They are to also receive training in selected vocation such as bead making, crab rearing, and snail production.

A feasibility study was conducted to find out which areas would be useful and beneficial to the women. It was realised that snail production and livestock rearing will be of benefit to the selected women.

A monitoring team comprising of GAOFI officials and officials of the Ghana Education Service were assigned to give regular counselling and follow up visits to the beneficiary schools to follow up and update the GAOFI management on the level of progress on the general development of the beneficiaries of GAOFI initiative.

2017 Project Plan
Girl-child educational scholarship
This activity will be carried out in some selected districts of the Volta Region.
Under this initiative GAOFI will solicit for funds to sponsor selected girls in some of the deprived schools.

Seed money for women led start-ups
Selected women and mothers will be given training in specific vocations to economic empower them to cater for their children’s needs.

Donation of educational materials
Books, computers, school uniforms, foot wear, and other educational materials are been requested from our partner organizations in the US and Ghana to be distributed free of charge to some schools and pupils.

Skills training for 100 girls drawn from the streets of Accra
As part of GAOFI’s commitment to rid the streets of Accra of street children, GAOFI in consultation with PDS Training Centre will organize training programs for some selected girls to empower them economically.

National Women Entreprenuers for Change
NWEC is a business association founded by Grace Amey-Obeng, under the auspies of GAOFI to champion the triangle of balance faced by all women entrepreneurs in their business, family and social lives.

The main objective of NWEC is to create the platform for women entrepreneurs to gain insight into understanding the triangle of balance: The Home, Business and Social challenges faced as a female entrepreneur.

To empower women entrepreneurs to be able to have a balance in their business, family and social lives.

Empower women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools/techniques for business growth and success, whiles facilitating the triangle of balance and providing visibility and growth for member businesses.


  • Foster Unity among women entrepreneurs in Ghana and beyond
  • Equip women entrepreneurs with the tools for a successful balancing act between the Company, Family, and Society
  • Empower the women with the necessary tools/techniques for business growth and success
  • Identify women who have excelled in the past and are still excelling, and award them to encourage the striving and aspiring women entrepreneurs.
  • To give women entrepreneurs a unique experience of blissful harmony, body soul and spirit, which will enhance look, confidence, and productivity.
  • To create business to business (B2B) match-making opportunities across the world.
  • Access to credit facility